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The Story Changes/The Sound for Language/Stone the Mayor Sheriffs/8-Bit Revival-Tonight @ Blind Bob’s

August 22nd, 2009 | No Comments

…having recently returned from a 6-week bout of touring that took them from coast to coast, The Story Changes make their triumphant return to the Gem City tonight at Blind Bob’s to celebrate the release of their new split album, Analogies. Sharing disc time with AZ outift Let Go, Analogies is the result of a trip out west earlier this year to record with producer Jaime Woolford (Let Go/Punchline/Gin Blossoms) who mixed the songs together for a consistent sound and feel. This is the first release from TSC since 2007’s The Way of the Dinosaur. Also along for the ride this evening are good friends The Sound for Language (with a new lineup), Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, and 8-Bit Revival. See you there…

MP3: The Story Changes “Move Forward”
MP3: The Sound for Language “You’re Not Alone”
MP3: Stone the Mayor Sheriffs “Intuition Is Now”
MP3: 8-Bit Revival “We Space Out”

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INTRODUCING: Modern Mondays @ Pacchia

August 17th, 2009 | 2 Comments

…we’re always very excited to hear about new weekly events taking place here in Dayton. Even better is when they’re free, right? Well, here’s a new free weekly event we’d like to announce: Modern Mondays @ Pacchia [410 E. Fifth St. in the Oregon District]. Under the guidance of your host, Adam Sabin [of New Vega], Modern Mondays is fueled by its audience. The idea is pretty simple: bring in new music you’d like to share and Sabin will spin it. Seems like a good way to find out about new music, right? Right…

…On top of that, Sabin is giving local bands an opportunity to spin their latest tracks for his audience. Tonight, he’ll be hosting Electric Banana, who will be spinning their recently-released sophomore effort, Black Rubber [preview below]. Next week, Sabin will be hosting Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, who will be spinning their debut EP and having a “Pie the Mayor Sheriffs” pie throwing contest. outside we’ll have a pie throwing station set up. Members of STMS will stand at the pie station and contestants will stand on a line and attempt to throw pies to the face of STMS. We’re looking forward to who else might show up soon….

…yet another great reason to stop in: Sabin will be giving out some free concert tickets. This week he’ll have some tix for Modest Mouse at Lifestyles Pavilion in Columbus on アコム電話. Next week, tix for Ra Ra Riot at The Basement in Columbus on September 14…

…Sabin will also be hosting special guest DJs in coming weeks, including Jason Watkins [of Mouth of the Architect] and Nick Testa [Nighbeast]. Modern Mondays kicks off at 9 pm every Monday. If you’re at all inclined to get yr band heard or would like to take a turn at sharing the music yr loving these days, we highly recommend you stop in and check it out…

MP3: Electric Banana “Happy”

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Stone the Mayor Sheriff/Outside Residential/Kanible/Mascot-Tonight @ Pacchia

May 31st, 2009 | No Comments

…continuing the Pacchia Secret Show series this evening, you have an interesting bill to close out the month of May. From the unbridled sonic assault of Stone the Mayor Sheriff to the engaging A/V exploits of Outside Residential and Kanible to the humble folk-pop of Mascot, this bill has a lot to offer. We’ll see you there…

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Ides of March IV-Tonight @ Pearl/Vexx

March 15th, 2009 | 3 Comments

…although we’re still not sure whether to keep calling the venue Pearl or start calling it Vexx, you know the place we’re talking about. Local promoter Brandon Hawk hosts his 4th Annual Ides of March show tonight with quite a billing. From frentic mindbenders Stone the Mayor Sheriffs to Grizzzzy Bear, a reworked lineup of long-time Dayton faves The Motel Beds, jazz-inflected experimental post-rock from Cincinnati Where They Landed, and acoustic openers John Gassett and Alex Arnold, you’ve got a bill certain to hit all the right buttons…

MP3: The Motel Beds “Loves Hurts” (live)
MP3: Grizzzzy Bear “Aim the Flame”

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Halloween Rundown

October 31st, 2008 | No Comments

…tonight is the close of all the Halloween festivities kids, and you’ve got some excellent options to help you celebrate…

…if you head out early, swing by the Dayton Dirt Collective for their Misfits Tribute show. Twenty bands are gonna take turns bashing out a couple of tunes each, so it should be a good time…

…after that, you’ve got some choices to make. You can head over to Blind Bob’s for a fun bill with good friends. The Story Changes is hosting and have brought compatriots The Sound For Language, Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, and 8-Bit Revival along for the ride…

…or…you’ve got one of the single-longest-running annual events in Dayton music with the Monster Hop over at Canal Street Tavern. Brought to you by local punk icon Jamy Holliday, his Luxury Pushers will host Toronto’s Saigon Hookers and yet another local icon, Mitch Mitchell’s Terrifying Experience. Your eardrums will never be the same….

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Stone the Mayor Sheriffs/IDEA MEN/The Salt March/New Vega-Tonight @ Pearl

September 11th, 2008 | No Comments

…it’s getting busy on the Dayton music scene these days and tonight is no exception. Head on over to Pearl tonight to catch what should be a pretty serious rock show. Headlining the evening are the ballistic Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, along with Idea Men (Chicago), The Salt March (Columbus), and one of Dayton’s newest bands, New Vega. Should be a good time…

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The Story Changes/Stone the Mayor Sheriffs/My Latex Brain/Lumaera-Tonight @ Pearl

July 13th, 2008 | No Comments

…on a rare Sunday evening at Pearl, The Story Changes will make a rare appearance in Dayton tonight. Also on the bill are Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, My Latex Brain, and Lumaera. Guaranteed, you won’t get much more rock than this tonight…

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De Novo Dahl/Tally Hall/Carolina Liar/Stone the Mayor Sheriffs @ Pearl 5.28.08

May 30th, 2008 | No Comments

…arriving a bit late and not realizing that a fourth band had been added to the bill at Pearl on this evening, we unfortunately completely missed the set by locals Stone the Mayor Sheriffs. Instead, the first band we witnessed on this night was Carolina Liar, a band who earlier in the day had their video featured on MTV’s TRL program. We had our suspicions that many in the audience had caught that performance and rushed down to see the band perform. No worries, the band sounded great and had plenty of enthusiasm to spare. Decked out in Boy Scout uniforms, the Caronlina Liar’s soaring, brooding pop seemed destined to flood the airwaves in the coming months. Keep an eye out for these guys…

…as the changeover between bands wrapped up and the sharp-dressed gentlemen of Ann Arbor’s Tally Hall took the stage, we could not have been more shocked with what came next. Out of the silence emerged a song that everyone in the club new instantly: it was the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic, Freebird. No, not some ironic reworking of the song. It was a note-for-note rendition, served up with sincerity. For our money, this was a remarkable display and one we aren’t likely to witness any time soon. As Tally Hall plowed into their own tunes, the band’s quirky powerpop stood out as their impeccable harmonies and inventive arrangements continued to surprise at every turn. With the band poised for an appearance at Lollapalooza this summer, it was certainly a treat to have them in Dayton for an evening…

…capping off the evening, De Novo Dahl delivered yet again in Dayton, as both band and audience were whisked away on a wave of sheer exuberance. As the band rolled from blistering dance numbers to slow, grinding funk, the kids just kept on dancing and giving back to the band as much as they received. As can often happen at Pearl, the boundaries between band and audience were completely erased and as the one became the other, the joy of this evening was apparent on the faces of all…

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De Novo Dahl/Tally Hall/Stone the Mayor Sheriffs-Tonight @ Pearl

May 29th, 2008 | No Comments

…out on tour in support of the new album Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound, Nashville’s indie/glam partystarters De Novo Dahl are making their second stop in the Gem City this year. Tonight the band will be at Pearl, along with tour-buddies Tally Hall and local prog/thrashers Stone the Mayor Sheriffs. In case you have somehow missed De Novo Dahl every other time they’ve been through Dayton, trust us, you NEED to see this show….

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The Story Changes/After the Accident/Stone the Mayor Sheriffs/HQAX-Tonight @ Pearl

May 1st, 2008 | No Comments

…we’ve got a big rock show to kick off yr weekend over at Pearl tonight. Perennial faves The Story Changes will headline a bill that includes Fuse kids After the Accident, the blistering algorithms of Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, and alterna-rockers HQAX. If that isn’t enough, the venerable Jay Madewell will be spinning before, in between, and after the bands. Get there…

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